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Funny Glasses Baseball Card Belt

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This is the all Funny Glasses baseball card belt. If you wear glasses then you know that in a few years you'll look back at photographs of yourself and wonder, "What was I thinking wearing those frames?"

Without a doubt, every one of the baseball players on this belt must have some serious buyer's remorse for the choice of frames they made in the 1980s. This might be my favorite baseball card belt that I've built so far. 

Here's the full list of Funny Glasses baseball cards on this belt:

- Adrian Devine

- Al Cowens

- Alan Nicely

- Bruce Bochte

- Dan Ford

- Darrell Porter

- Dick Allen

- Duke Sims

- Fred Breining

- Greg Luzinski

- Jamie Easterly

- Joe Nolan

- Joe Pettini

- Kent Tekulve

- Lenn Sakata

- Mark Lee

- Mike Davis

- Paul Splittorff

- Pete Ladd

- Roger Nelson

- Scott Garrelts