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1970s Philadelphia Eagles Football Card Belt

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This 1970s Philadelphia Eagles football card belt was build using footballs cards from 1970-1987. The '80s cards are on the non-visible, inside part of the belt. This belt fits waist sizes 35-41.

Don't worry if this belt isn't in your size, you can always order a custom Philadelphia Eagles belt here.

Here's all of Philadelphia Eagles football cards that are on this belt:

- Andre Waters

- Carl Hairston

- Greg Brown

- Guy Morriss

- Harold Carmichael

- Harold Jackson

- Henry Allison

- Jerry Robinson

- Keith Krepfle

- Ken Clarke

- Kenny Jackson

- Larry Marshall

- Lee Bouggess

- Mark Moseley

- Mike Boryla

- Mike Quick

- Pete Liske

- Po James

- Roman Gabriel

- Ron Jaworski

- Roynell Young

- Steve Zabel

- Tom McNeill

- Wilbert Montgomery