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1980s All Mustaches Belt #27

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This is the 1980s all mustaches baseball card belt #27.

It's as if the Topps baseball card photographers in 1981 were told that they were only allowed to shoot tight portrait photographs of each player. And they better all have mustaches!

The list of players on this mustache belt is:

- Bill North

- Brian Kingman

- Chuck Rainey

- Doug Bird

- Doug Corbett

- Ed Figueroa

- Eric Wilkins

- Frank LaCorte

- Gorman Thomas

- Jack Morris

- Jim Bibby

- Joey McLaughlin

- John D’Acquisto

- Kevin Saucier

- Larry Bittner

- Larry McWilliams

- Mark Clear

- Pete Redfern

- Steve Mura

- Todd Cruz