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1990'S San Francisco 49ers Football Card Belt

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This San Francisco 49ers football card belt was built using football cards from 1989-2000 including Joe Montana, Terrell Owens, Charles Haley and more. 

Here's the full list of San Francisco 49ers football cards on this belt:

- Bill Romanowski

- Brent Jones

- Charles Haley

- Don Griffin

- George Seifert

- Joe Montana

- John Taylor

- Kevin Fagan

- Merton Hanks

- Mike Cofer

- Pierce Holt

- Ricky Watters

- Roger Craig

- Steve Wallace

- Terrell Owens

- Tom Rathman

- Ty Detmer


If this belt isn't built in your size you can order a custom fit San Francisco 49ers football card belt here.