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1991 WCW Wrestling Card Belt

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Ok WCW Wrestling fans this belt is for you. An incredibly smooth looking 1991 Ric Flair is manning the tip of this belt which is also filled with muscle, sweat, chest hair and plenty of spandex.

It's tough, it's funny and you need it to hold your pants up.

Wrestlers on this belt are:

- Arn Anderson

- Doom

- Dutch Mantell

- Fabulous Freebirds

- Flyin’ Brian

- Jim Ross 

- Lex Luger

- Mr. Wall Street

- Ric Flair

- Ricky Morton

- Sid Vicious

- Southern Boys

- Steiner Brothers

- Terry Taylor

- Tommy Rich

- Z-Man


  • Waist size 33-37
  • Handmade 
  • Every belt is a one-of-a-kind 
  • Only 1-available
  • Built to be worn
  • 7-Day No Wear Return Policy