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Airbrushed Caps Baseball Card Belt #3

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The Tom House card on the tip of this airbrushed caps baseball card belt is one of my favorite cards ever. That Red Sox cap is bright pink. This belt was built with baseball cards from 1975-1992.

Here's the full list of air brushed baseball cards that are on this belt:

- Allen Ripley

- Bob Stinson

- Chris Cannizzaro

- Dave Dravecky

- Dave Lapoint

- Ed Figueroa

- Jack Brohamer

- Jeff Torborg

- Joe Mcintosh

- Manny Sarmiento

- Mike Laga

- Pete Falcone

- Rick Honeycutt

- Rick Stelmaszek

- Ron Davis

- Tim Lollar

- Tito Landrum

- Tom House

- Tommy Boggs

- Vicente Palacios


  • Handmade in America
  • Fits waist sizes 31-36
  • Every belt is a one-of-a-kind
  • Only 1-available
  • Built to be worn
  • 7-Day No Wear Return Policy