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Atlanta Falcons 1990's Football Card Belt

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This Atlanta Falcons football card belt was built using football cards from 1991-1999. This belt fits waist sizes 30-35. If this belt isn't in your size you can order a custom fit Atlanta Falcons football card belt here.

Here's the full list of Atlanta Falcons football cards on this belt. 

- Andre Rison

- Bert Emanuel

- Brett Favre

- Chris Chandler

- Clay Matthews

- Darion Conner

- Erric Pegram

- Floyd Dixon

- Jamal Anderson

- Jeff George

- Jessie Tuggle

- Mike Gann

- Mike Kenn

- Mike Rozier

- Ray Buchanan

- Terance Mathis

- Tony Casillas

  • Handmade
  • Fits waists 30-35
  • Every belt is a one-of-a-kind
  • Only 1-available
  • Built to be worn
  • 7-Day No Wear Return Policy
  • We accept player requests but no players are guaranteed