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Chicago White Sox Early 1980s Baseball Card Belt

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This is the Chicago White Sox Early 1980s baseball card belt. It's full of great hair, great mustaches and vintage White Sox gear when they wore big weird collars and shorts. This belt was built using baseball cards from 1980-1984.

Here's the full list of Chicago White Sox baseball cards on this belt:

- Britt Burns

- Bruce Kimm

- Chet Lemon

- Dewey Robinson

- Ed Farmer

- Greg Pryor

- Harold Baines

- Jerry Koosman

- Jim Essian

- Kevin Hickey

- Lamar Johnson

- Mike Proly

- Mike Squires

- Milt May

- Rich Dotson

- Ron Pruitt

- Ross Baumgarten

- Steve Trout

- Thad Bosley

- Wayne Nordhagen