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Cleveland Indians 1987 Topps Baseball Card Belt

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This is the 1987 Topps Cleveland Indians baseball card belt. Sure, the late '80s Indians teams were really bad. They finished 37 games out of first place in the '87 season. If they weren't terrible though would we ever have received the gift of the movie Major League?

Here's the full list of Cleveland Indians 1987 Topps baseball cards on this belt:  

- Andre Thornton

- Brett Butler

- Brook Jacoby

- Carmen Castillo

- Chris Bando

- Cory Snyder

- Dickie Noles

- Don Schulze

- Ernie Camacho

- Greg Swindell

- Joe Carter

- John Butcher

- Mel Hall

- Pat Corrales

- Pat Tabler

- Rick Yett

- Scott Bailes

- Tom Candiotti

 - Tony Bernazard