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Funny Hair Baseball Card Belt

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This is the all Funny Hair baseball card belt. We all have some regrets about old photographs where we made really poor hairstyle choices. Just because you might be a professional baseball player doesn't mean that you didn't also make some really bad hair decisions. 

Here's the full list of Funny Hair baseball cards on this belt:

- Allen Ripley

- Bernie Carbo

- Bud Anderson

- Charlie Moore

- Dave Lemancyzk

- Dave Rosello

- Dennis Eckersley

- Denny Walling

- Don Aase

- Earl Weaver

- Jerry Reuss

- John Henry Johnson

- Jose Cardenal

- Ken Oberkfell

- Nino Espinosa

- Ross Grimsley

- Scott McGregor

- Scott Sanderson

- Tito Landrum

- Todd Cruz

- Tom Paciorek