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Houston Astros Baseball Card Belt #8

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This is a Houston Astros baseball card belt is packed with superstars. If you're an Astros fan this is the ultimate belt to hold your pants up. This belt was built using baseball cards from 1982-2021 and it fits waist sizes 31-36. If this belt isn't built in your size you can order a custom Houston Astros card belt here.

Here's the full list of Houston Astros players on this belt:  

Alex Bregman

- Carlos Correa

- Craig Biggio

- Enoli Paredes

- Forrest Whitley

- George Springer

- Jason Castro

- Jayson Schroeder

- Jeff Bagwell

- Jose Altuve

- Jose White

- Josh Reddick

- Justin Verlander

- Ken Caminiti

- Kyle Tucker

- Micheal Brantley

- Nolan Ryan

- Yordan Alvarez

- Zack Greinke