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Houston Oilers '70s Football Card Belt

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This is the Houston Oilers '70s football card belt. This belt was built with Oilers football cards from the '70s and early '80s. They may have moved to Tennessee but the Houston Oilers memory will live on your waist when you grab this beauty of belt.

Here's the full list of Houston Oilers football cards on this belt:

Bob Atkins

- Bobby Maples

- Bruce Matthews

- Carl Mauck

- Carl Roaches

- Curley Culp

- Elbert Drungo

- Elvin Bethea

- Greg Montgomery

- Harold Bailey

- Jeff Donaldson

- Jim Beirne

- Johnny Meads

- Ken Burrough

- Mike Renfro

- Morris Towns

- Skip Butler

- Toni Fritsch