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Indianapolis Colts '70s Football Card Belt

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This is the Indianapolis Colts '70s football card belt. It was built with Colts football cards from the late 1970s and early 1980s. This belt is packed with real men who were wearing sub-par pads and helmets but looking sharp while they did it.

Each belt is unique so if you're a Colts fan you better grab this one before it's gone. 

 Here's the full list of Indianapolis Colts football cards on this belt:

Bert Jones

- Bill Brooks 

- Bruce Laird

- Bubba Smith

- Chip Banks

- Curtis Dickey

- Derrell Luce

- Derrick Hatchett

- Pat Beach

- Ron Meyer

- Rick Volk

- Robert Pratt

- Roger Carr

- Roy Hilton

- Tom Matte

- Toni Linhart