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Indianapolis Colts Football Card Belt #2

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This Indianapolis Colts football card belt was built with football cards from the late 1980s through the mid 2000's. This football card belt has some serious super star power including Peyton Manning and Eric Dickerson.


Each belt is unique so if you're a Colts fan you better grab this one before it's gone. 


The Colts on this belt are:

- Adam Vinatieri

- Albert Bentley

- Anthony Gonzalez

- Ben Hartsock

- Brandon Stokley

- Clarence Verdin

- Dallas Clark

- Donnell Thompson

- Eric Dickerson

- Helvin Hayden

- Jacob Tamme

- Jessie Hester

- Joseph Addai

- Pat Beach

- Peyton Manning

- Ron Meyer

- Sean Dawkins

- T.Y. Hilton

- Terrence Wilkins

- Vashon Pearson