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Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Card Belt #9

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This is the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball card belt #9. The only way to describe this belt is that it's packed with studs. Just about everyone on this belt is or was a superstar. This belt's got Bellinger, Hershiser, Strawberry, Karros, Seager, Lasorda, Martinez and more.

The full list of Los Angeles Dodgers fan favorites and stars on this belt are:

- Cael Brockmeyer

- Chris Taylor

- Cody Bellinger

- Corey Seager

- Darryl Strawberry

- Derek Lowe

- Eric Karros

- Fernando Valenzuela

- Len Matuszek

- Max Muncy

- Mike Scioscia

- Orel Hershiser

- Pedro Guerrero

- Ramon Martinez

- Raul Mondesi

- Rick Dempsey

- Stan Javier

- Steve Sax

- Tim Belcher

- Tom Lasorda

- Yasiel Puig