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Minnesota Twins 1987 Topps Baseball Card Belt

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This is the 1987 Topps Minnesota Twins baseball card belt. In 1986, the Twins finished 21 games behind the AL West winning Angels. Then in 1987 the Twins bounced back to win the AL West by 2 games. They wore baby blue uniforms with red helmets which looks so great on these classic wood grain cards.

Here's the full list of Minnesota Twins 1987 Topps baseball cards on this belt:  

- Allan Anderson

- Alvaro Espinoza

- Bert Blyleven

- Billy Beane

- Frank Pastore

- Gary Gaetti

- George Frazier

- Greg Gagne

- Jeff Reed

- Keith Atherton

- Mark Portugal

- Mark Salas

- Mickey Hatcher

- Mike Smithson

- Randy Bush

- Ray Fontenot

- Ron Washington

- Roy Lee Jackson

- Roy Smalley

- Tim Laudner

- Tom Brunansky

 - Tom Kelly