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Montreal Expos 1987 Topps Baseball Card Belt

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This is the 1987 Topps Montreal Expos baseball card belt.  The 1987 Expos team played well enough to be in the playoff hunt for the entire year before ending the season 4 games behind the Cardinals. The wood grain on this card set might look the best with the red, white and blue Expos uniforms.

Here's the full list of Montreal Expos, 1987 Topps, baseball cards on this belt:  

- Andy McGaffigan

- Bob McClure

- Bob Rodgers

- Bryn Smith

- Dann Bilardello

- Denny Martinez

- Floyd Youmans

- Herm Winningham

- Jay Tibbs

- Jeff Reardon

- Jim Wohlford

- Mike Fitzgerald

- Tim Burke

- Tim Wallach

- Tom Foley

- Tom Nieto

- Vance Law

- Wallace Johnson

- Wayne Krenchicki