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Pittsburgh Pirates 1987 Topps Baseball Card Belt

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This is the 1987 Topps Pittsburgh Pirates baseball card belt. They'd made the move away from the all black and gold uniforms but they still had the tall cake hats and gold batting helmets. Any Pirates uniforms would've looked great on the '87 wood grain set.

Here's the full list of Pittsburgh Pirates, 1987 Topps, baseball cards on this belt:  

- Barry Jones

- Benny Distefano

- Bill Almon

- Bob Walk

- Bobby Bonilla

- Jim Leyland

- Jim Morrison

- Jim Winn

- Joe Orsulak

- Johnny Ray

- Junior Ortiz

- Larry McWilliams

- Mike Bielecki

- Mike Brown

- Mike Diaz

- Pat Clements

- Rafael Belliard

- Rick Reuschel

- Rick Rhoden

- Sid Bream

 - Tony Pena