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Winnipeg Jets Hockey Card Belt #3

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This Winnipeg Jets hockey card belt was handmade using hockey cards from 1970-1990. It fits waist sizes 31-36. If this belt isn't built in your size you can order a custom fit Winnipeg Jets card belt here.

Here's the full list of Winnipeg Jets players that are on this hockey card belt is:

- Bengt Lundholm

- Bob Woytowich

- Brent Ashton

- Brian Mullen

- Dave Babych

- Dave Ellett

- Gary Smith

- Hilliard Graves

- Jude Drouin

- Lars-Erik Sjoberg

- Laurie Boschman

- Lyle Moffat

- Perry Turnbull

- Ray Neufeld

- Scott Arniel

- Willy Lindstrom